Constant learning: Marionette.JS

I am starting to use Marionette.JS on some projects.
I have done some work with Backbone in the past and the reduction of boilerplate and ceremony on Marionette is a delight.

It has been cumbersome to find online examples that actually work. I am sure they fail due to little things and changes from version to version but from a novice perspective it is tough to figure out what the problem is. After all, if I am following an introduction tutorial I don’t have yet the knowledge to know how it is supposed to be properly used :)

So I have been learning in an extrange flow:

  1. Find a tutorial/sample that does something interesting
  2. Try to apply the directions to build a similar, custom sample
  3. Bang my head because my custom sample fails
  4. ..try the original sample and realize it was failing on the first place (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  5. RTFM and learn from the official docs who it is supposed to do what the sample is trying
  6. Fix both the original sample and my code :)

It is “a” way to learn and I am learning a lot, but I don’t think it is very smooth for newcomers.

  • aflama

    So true! This describes well my current status. O.o

    • chipairon

      I am glad you liked it! Keep it up :)